“Real Talk with TVSquared” shares client stories and insights on TV ad strategies, from performance and accountability to capitalizing on new opportunities in the next TV era.


Reaching Audiences in the Age of Converged TV

Join Balsam Brands International and Hippo to find out how fast-growing advertisers are capitalizing on the diverse TV landscape to reach and engage with audiences where they are. And learn how to apply their best practices to create audience-first TV strategies that span platforms and screens.

Performance is Everything: Shaping Your Streaming Strategy

With the lines between linear and CTV continuing to blur, the future of TV is here – a cross-platform universe where content is king. TV provides advertisers with a much-needed boost on measurability, and offers content operators the ability to prove their worth. Whether testing enhanced targeting strategies, understanding new audiences reached or tracking conversions, performance is the cornerstone of all streaming strategies. Hear more from TVSquared and Tubi.

Using TV Change Perceptions: A Candid Conversation with Nurx

We know that disruptive DTC advertisers are continually flocking to TV, but why? And how does multiscreen TV impact their businesses once on-air? TVSquared sat down with Katelyn Watson, Nurx‘s CMO, to learn about the DTC brand’s journey to TV and the instrumental impact it’s had not only on brand awareness, but performance as well. While it started as an online birth control provider, Nurx has grown into an all-in-one healthcare service that aims to bring choice, control and freedom to consumers.

Unlocking the Power of Data-Driven Linear

Hear from TVSquared and its partner, Inscape, about how glass-level viewing data and always-on attribution can power game-changing insights that inform reach, frequency, audience and buy optimization decisions.

Delivery Hero Utilizes TVSquared for Global TV Campaigns

Delivery Hero is one of the leading global online food ordering and delivery marketplaces. They process millions of orders per day, partnering with over 500,000 restaurants and a fleet of delivery riders. Sylwia Bardzik, Director of Offline Marketing at Delivery Hero, discusses market insights, challenges faced in the brand’s global expansion, and how the TVSquared platform has helped track results.

Blinkist Leverages TV to Drive Growth Across Multiple Markets

Bobby Richardson, Offline Marketing Lead at Blinkist, an online subscription service, sat down with TVSquared to discuss Blinkist’s approach to TV advertising and how always-on performance analytics inform its TV strategy from creative to program schedules and overall media investments across key markets.

Leaning into TV During the Time of COVID-19

Listen to a candid conversation with Matt Hultgren, Vice President of Analytics at Marketing Architects. Hear how COVID-19 has impacted advertisers, learn how the agency has helped some brands lean into TV during these uncertain times and discover best practices to ensure TV remains a valuable media tool.

Goodstuff innovates clients’ TV ad strategies

Goodstuff is one of the fastest-growing media agencies. Whether it’s communications planning, media planning (brand, social & performance led) or media buying, everything it does is fueled by a heavy dose of ambition, creativity and entrepreneurialism. Simon Wilden, Partner at Goodstuff, sat down with us to discuss how Goodstuff has innovated client TV ad strategies using the insights generated by the TVSquared platform.

the7stars Dynamically Manages TV Campaigns for Clients

the7stars is the UK’s largest independent media agency, which has been measuring and optimizing its clients’ TV campaigns with TVSquared for the past five years. Discover how Simen Moen, Data Analyst at the7stars, and his team have prioritized dynamically managing TV campaigns for clients and have become “optimization experts” in the industry.

Secret Escapes: Granular TV Insights Can Have the Biggest Impact

Secret Escapes is a members-only British travel brand that sells heavily discounted luxury hotel stays and trips. It operates in 12 markets, including the U.S., UK, France, Germany and Spain. Learn how Stephanie Trivass, Head of ATL Advertising at Secret Escapes, proves the business value of TV, and uses insights to optimize future planning and buying to drive both site traffic and new memberships.

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